The Indian School Certification Examination (ISC) is a 2-year programme offered by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE). The course aims to prepare students to face challenges in a dynamic world, where the focus is on providing a sound knowledge base that is the foundation for any the course of study in higher education.

In each of these streams English and SUPW are compulsory subjects; students need to choose four additional subjects called ELECTIVES. You may refer to for the scope of syllabus 2026 (It will be declared on the council website from Jan 2024). GEA recognizes the need to offer a variety of subject choices for the students in their crucial years in Class XI and XII and we are happy to offer a wide variety of combinations.


We are sure that you have thought a good deal about your child's future career and potential before making choices about the subject combinations for Class XI and XII. We urge you to also consider the following points:

  1. The ISC curriculum is superior as compared to other Indian boards and also to the level that the students have been exposed to at the ICSE level. Do not make choices based on what the student's peers are making. Please make a realistic choice based on the child's passion and his/her capability. Do talk to the counsellor to make a realistic judgment.
  2. We understand that some universities require students to have done Mathematics up to Class XII in order to become eligible for a B.Com course. Kindly keep this in mind while selecting the groups for your son/daughter, after checking with those universities that he/she is likely to apply for pursuing his/her undergraduate course.
  3. To opt for any Subject Groups that have Maths, please note that a Student who has NOT studied Maths in Class IX & X is NOT eligible to opt for Subject Groups that have Maths.
  4. To opt for any Subject Groups that have Science (Phy/Chem/Bio/Biotech), please note that a Student who has NOT studied these in Class IX & X is NOT eligible to opt for Subject Groups that have Phy/Chem/Bio/Biotech.
  5. Students who have studied Maths & Science can change their stream to Commerce & OR Humanities. However, Students who had dropped Maths/Science in IX & X are NOT eligible to opt for the Science Stream. They can opt for Commerce & Or Humanities Stream.


Click on the attached PDF file to view the cross-subject Configutation pdf