Beyond Academics

Student Council

Gundecha Education Academy conducted its second Student Council Camp on 11th Oct, 2014. Aiming to inculcate the leadership qualities in the council and make the council bond with each other, this camp had been organized by the Heads of the council and the teachers. Their combined effort resulted in a fun filled yet educative camp, which had activities like Treasure Hunt, Talent Hunt Show, House of Cards, Self Defence naming a few.

Being the Head Girl, sky high expectations weighed over my shoulders. As they say 'With great power, comes great responsibility!' Organizing the camp was difficult, but we had our teachers to guide us. On the day of the camp, we tried our best to make it memorable for the student council. We started with the Flag Making, where the creativity of the council was revealed. Treasure Hunt was great fun as each team ran up and down, looking for the clues! We were shocked when the quietest of the prefects turned out to be great rock stars at the Talent Hunt Show! The atmosphere was vibrant. The best part for everyone, I'm sure, was the break. Thanks to our canteen for their excellent hospitality!

We also had a session on Leadership by our HR department in which we learnt how to be good assertive leaders. I am sure their session will help us in the long run.

All of us are grateful to our PE sir for teaching the self defence techniques. The next time the girls feel insecure, they know they can at least manage to save themselves.  The camp achieved its goal of teaching us how to be a good leader and how to work in a team. Unlike usual boring lectures, this was a different way of learning with fun.  Overall both the camps together were a great success, the first one being short and more leadership based. The whole student council went back home with great memories and learnings that would hopefully stay evergreen in their mind.


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