Our Vision, Mission, Objectives


To be a world class institution, providing holistic education and creating global citizens imbued with Indian values.


We at Gundecha Education Academy aim at providing quality education in a facilitative, challenging and positive environment that:-

  1. Enables the students to realize their utmost potential and
  2. Takes care of their intellectual, physical, psychological and ethical wellbeing.
Thus empowering them to be global citizens who contribute effectively to the society


To provide a facilitative and challenging environment
For all the students of Gundecha Education Academy by

  • Providing well ventilated and well equipped classrooms, well equipped library, laboratories, A V room, play ground, garden, activity rooms and interactive display on the walls.
  • Reducing the weight of the bag and keeping the textbooks and notebooks in the school.
  • Providing activities to inculcate thinking skills and creative expression.
  • Providing a stress free atmosphere, reducing exam pressure and having an informal climate of interaction.

To enable students to develop a global outlook.
For all the students of Gundecha Education Academy by

  • Providing exposure to latest technological advancements.
  • Inculcating a solution oriented mindset
  • Making learning, activity oriented.
  • Introducing activities to promote adaptability and general awareness.
  • Providing a platform for exchange programmes with students of different countries.
  • Enhancing creativity and innovation

To ensure an atmosphere of intellectual, physical, psychological and ethical well-being.
For all the students of Gundecha Education Academy by

  • Introducing value education in all classes.
  • Conducting assemblies consisting of value based stories and prayers from all religions followed by meditation.
  • Inculcating a habit of asking questions and being vocal in permissible boundaries.
  • Starting a resource centre manned by counsellors and special educators.
  • Developing interpersonal skills and tolerance towards individuals from different strata of society by:
    1. Changing sections of the students every year
    2. Celebrating festivals of all communities.
    3. Conducting life skill sessions.
    4. Conducting tours and picnics.

To develop a sense of social responsibility
For students of Std. III to XII of Gundecha Education Academy by

  • Adopting old age homes, adivasi schools, orphanages and undertaking activities to help their inmates.
  • Visiting slums and encouraging the children to do social work after school hours.
  • Planning teaching-learning and entertainment activities for the children from slums.
  • Collecting grains, clothes, toys and newspapers for donation to these institutions.

To device methods for performance measurement to ensure continual improvement in all aspects of governance and quality enhancement.
For all stakeholders of Gundecha Education Academy by

  • Performance review
  • Analysis of data from feedback
  • Training and development programmes