Our Philosophy

Doing things differently….

We believe that academic qualifications alone do not make an individual truly educated. Therefore, through a multitude of curricular, co-curricular and extra curricular programmes the school provides the students every opportunity for an all round growth to create confident citizens of the future India.

At Gundecha Education Academy, we do not do different things but do things differently. The emphasis is on creating a stress free atmosphere where children look forward to coming to school. The children are given learning inputs in such a way that it inculcates self learning through ‘concept and skill oriented’ teaching-learning methods. Teaching is more activity based and supported by appropriate teaching aids for which the teachers have been trained by Wipro under the “Applying a thought to schools” programme.

We ensure that the students spend 50% of their time outside their classrooms gaining exposure and practical experience by being in the state of art science laboratories, geography lab, math lab, computer rooms and become mentally alert and physically strong by attending sessions in the dance room, music room, art room, AV room, full fledged library, an indoor sports room and by playing internationally recognized games like basketball, tennis, throw ball, volleyball, cricket, table-tennis, chess, carom etc. The tiny tots have all the fun learning new things in the edutainment room. A unique programme for the preschoolers called “Sports Nursery” has been introduced to develop sporting skills at that young age.

Building and strengthening the foundation….

The entire teaching programme is formulated after going through the result analysis of the school and the ASSET exams (from Educational Initiatives) conducted in the school (made compulsory for all the students). The analysis gives insights into what must be added to the teaching plan to enhance the concepts that have not been learnt well and how to improve upon them. The entire process is research based and the students are provided with individual attention.

Freedom of expression brings to the fore the latent talent amongst individuals. Our various clubs organize debates, declamations, contests, exhibitions, expeditions, quiz competitions and other such activities. These are organized under the aegis of competent and experienced staff members.

The world is the stage where our children will need to shine on, it is important to arm them with a practical knowledge gained through participation in global and contemporary content, especially for the development of Speech and communications skills.

Moral Education helps build the moral fabric of the society we live in. Hence, the Moral Education imparted as a part of the school curriculum exposes our students to the rich spiritual culture and heritage that is a legacy of the civilized world.

Education without appropriate exposure and relevant experience is incomplete and when education is based on the principles of learning ‘Socially Useful Productive Work,’ it becomes an instrument of important social transformation. SUPW being a compulsory subject and also the need of the day, there are many programmes which are regularly planned to sensitize the children towards the problems of the society. In selecting activities for SUPW, the teachers make a conscious effort to minimize the expenses on the material required. The focus is on utilizing contents collected from local resources.

Environment awareness has assumed critical proportions in the world of today! Children are motivated to participate in practical projects and activities aimed at creating this all-important awareness about the fragile eco-system. Students are made aware of the disasters caused due to deteriorating environmental factors. They are encouraged to come up with solutions through brainstorming on what remedial measures could be taken for conserving the gift of nature. Field projects are taken up to sensitize the students and give them hands-on training which will empower them to carry out such projects on a larger scale in the future.

Concept development in the early years of schooling is the most challenging task for the teachers of Pre-school. The curriculum developed for the early years is done keeping in mind the emerging trends and researches in this ever evolving field. The theory of multiple intelligences is applied with an addition of the spiritual intelligence. We are innovators who have successfully implemented the Waterford Early Learning Programme, which is a computer based programme for the young learners. A computer per child is provided in a state of the art computer lab, where each child gets about an hour and half per week to use the software on the computer. This programme takes care of reading, mathematics and science in the early years, followed up by class and home programmes.

The IT based teaching aid, created by JIL Technologies, installed in all the classrooms is yet another feather in our cap, wherein every classroom is equipped with a computer and a TV. The teaching aid, clubbed with the teaching plan, does wonders to improve the attention span and learning process of the students.

The school takes pride in mentioning about its counselling and remediation centre; well equipped with the latest and necessary psycho-educational assessment tools. Two counsellors and two special educators efficiently handle the centre wherein students are assessed regularly and are helped in coping with their studies. The special programme for the gifted students is taking form under the guidance and assistance of an organization called “Disha”.

Our firm belief is that a school is not just a place where one learns to secure a high percentage in exams or do worksheets to get stars for assessments; it is a wholesome process of imparting value added education and invaluable experiences so that our children, at Gundecha Education Academy, gain a high percentage and reach for the stars in life!!!!

As was rightly written in our School Calendar, “The journey of a thousand leagues begins with a single step”, this is our first step….and we have a long way to go.